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The Images below of Joe & Cor are clipped from the News Letter published by Al, K2UYH in New Jersy, thanks Al.

2 Hugh Losses to the World of EME, Joe, K1RGQ and Cor,VE7BBG, they will be remembered and never forgotten

Site will Die a natural Death in 2015.There are a few Hybrids Combiners/Splitters, both High and Low Power

Hybrids Couplers Remaining to be Sold........THERE ARE NO AMPLIFIERS AVAILABLE. The Only Items available on this SIte, are Versatile-2 PLL Boards, Encoder Boards, & Jupiter GPS Boards

THERE WILL BE NO ORDERERS FILLED FROM First of JUNE until OCTOBER of ANY YEAR unless the Weather is bad as it has been this year.

MGf-1402 PDF File MGF1801PDF File

Below are Pictures of Very Very Close Friends who have passed away in 2011 & 2012

The Late Nora Brown, XYL of John, VE1LZ.

nora Nora Passed away Jan 2, 2012.

Ginny, The XYL of Jim, VE1AIA.

gin Ginny Passed away July 2008.

The Late Charlie Adams, VE1RG, or Chuck as he was well known as.

Chuck Passed Away July 10, 2010


The Late Wayne Mills, who Passed away Dec 24, 2011


Last but not least is my Brother who passed away in 2000



Picture of Two Great Friends, Jim Langly and John Brown




View this story of the relationship between 3Canada and the USA

gifItems for sale, E-mail me from here is you wish

ARRL RF Designer package zip file.

new GR-1236 Manual in PDF format. right click and save as, your choice, ~16Meg.

Email me if you find a problem, or have any question/suggestions

Great Audio and Video Software by AVS

GPS Z3801A Internal PSU Schematic images/Z3801A-PS-Schematic.jpg

1/ NEW CPLD PLL SYSTEM BOARD with Binary Selected Dividable Ratios, Completely New System for Versatile 1, 2 & 4.


3/ VCXO Board & Schematic

4/ Looking for a Transformer of any Kind,  Peter DAHL Exists in Name Only, but lives on .

K1RIW 70cm 19EL Yagi

My Most used and Favorite Suppliers & Friends Below:

  1/ DEMI, Steve & Sandy, Great VHF/UHF Equipment.

  2/ RF Connection. Joel..Great Guy and will go out of his way, as will Steve & Sandy

  3/ Big EME Signal & Friend, Dominique (HB9BBD) often used as a Beacon, and Excellent Pre-Amps

4/ On Line Metals


The W2IMU & Crawford Hill Technical Notes. Thanks to K1RQG for the Scanned Files.

RW3BP Very Weak Signal CW Software Zip Package and Documentation.

  23cm Wave Guide Dish Feeds ( NO MORE ORDERS Folks, but have peak if you wish)

LMX2306 PLL System

RW3BP Very Weak Signal CW Software Zip Package and Documentation.


Service and Operating Manuals

Auto Tracking Systems

Canadian Amateur Radio Station VE1ALQ & VE9DW

Canadian Amateur Radio Station VE1ALQ & VE9DW 3VE1XYL when allowed


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